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Working with people who share our values to enhance the risk and internal audit community

Jess Fogarty

Internal Audit Manager - Whitbread

“I have known the team at IAC for a few years now and can always rely on their honest, professional advice. In my recent search I was looking for a good step up and the right career move in an industry I could connect with. They took a genuine interest in my career and made me think not just about the next move, but how my career could look in the longer term.”

Jeremy Tan

Senior Internal Auditor, King

“One of the best things that IAC do which sets them apart from other agencies is matching people and personalities not just skills and experience. Moving from practice as a newly qualified, for me finding the right cultural and personal fit was as important as the role itself.”

Gabriel Dezon

Lead IT Auditor - Camelot

“Clare was a tremendous help at every step of the process. She made sure the role was appropriate for me and my profile was the right fit for the company. Clare is clearly an experienced recruitment professional with her fingers right on the pulse of the job market.”

Colin McCarthy-Little

Head of Compliance at International Airlines Group (IAG)

“I have been most impressed with the company and in particular Guy Stacey's effective and credible approach to recruitment. Guy's extensive network and up to date knowledge of the market trends is reflected in his efficient delivery of service.”

Trudi Ingles

Head of Internal Audit & Risk Management, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

“I first used Guy over 10 years ago and he has since made a real name for himself in this niche market. I was impressed with how quickly he got the ball rolling in placing me in my current role, and highly recommend him to others.”

Charles Clayton

VP Internal Audit at Reckitt Benckiser

“Guy Stacey, offers a first class and personalised service. I have yet to find anyone more closely in touch with the UK market for Internal Audit resource.”

Asif Bhatti Interview

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Guy Stacey Director & Search Practice Leader

“Recruiting into internal audit, risk and control is not a simple process, but it can be made easier with a depth of knowledge and experience. We have maintained our position as a niche business in this area because we believe in the value of sharing our experience with clients and candidates. We can’t promise to make recruitment easy but we can promise knowledgeable and understanding support and consultancy to all our clients and candidates.”

Guy Stacey

Director & Search Practice Leader