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Working with people who share our values to enhance the risk and internal audit community

Tesco PLC

Recruitment Campaign

IAC have partnered with Tesco to help source the very best candidates for their growing Global Audit and Advisory Team (GAA). We have also got some of the team together to give you an insight into the people, work and life at Tesco in the short video opposite. For full details on available roles in risk, internal audit and technology audit please visit tesco.iac-recruit.com

IAC & Tesco Campaign

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Guy Stacey Director & Search Practice Leader

“Recruiting into internal audit, risk and control is not a simple process, but it can be made easier with a depth of knowledge and experience. We have maintained our position as a niche business in this area because we believe in the value of sharing our experience with clients and candidates. We can’t promise to make recruitment easy but we can promise knowledgeable and understanding support and consultancy to all our clients and candidates.”

Guy Stacey

Director & Search Practice Leader