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Providing students core skills to succeed on their chosen paths.

Clare Holson

Manager IAC Education

Increasing Employability

As a leading international recruitment firm, we at IAC interact with thousands of people a year. We study their backgrounds, skills and likely career prospects, and we have learnt what allows people to succeed on their chosen paths.

We believe passionately in passing that on to the next generation which is why we have created a programme to support the employability of Sixth Form Students. We believe we can help avoid the common mistakes young people make when first setting out on their career path and ultimately help achieve their goals.

The aim of the programme is to increase the employability of Sixth Form students and provide them some of the core skills needed to launch themselves into the next stage of their lives. The programme is usually delivered across three, one hour sessions and we make the sessions as interactive as possible, including discussions and role plays to help ensure students remain interested and engaged.

The sessions include:

  • CV Writing
  • Job applications and preparing for interview
  • Maximising success at interview

The programme is led by our Managing Director David Haylor. David established Internal Audit Connections in 2011 and has worked in recruitment for over 10 years. Prior to this he was an Officer with the British Army. He has trained teenagers and young adults, and has successfully demonstrated his ability to educate and motivate others. 

Reaching Your Potential - Our Programme in More Detail

Our programme is delivered to Sixth Form students in schools and colleges, and comprises three key areas; CV writing, preparing for interview and maximising success at interview. Usually each topic is delivered during three, one hour sessions; however, these sessions can be adapted to cater for large or small groups. In addition to this each student is provided with a workbook for their reference. Please click here to see workbook.

This is a bespoke programme as we appreciate the needs of students may differ from one school to the next. Working with schools, we take the time to research and discuss the needs of their students to ensure the programme is of most value to them.

Session One – An Introduction

During this session we discuss a range of topics such as what to include in a CV and Personal Profile, and how to understand the perspective of the prospective employer. We also highlight what employers want to hear and how they might use Social Media. We end this session by highlighting the need for hard work and persistence when applying and interviewing for jobs. Students are asked to work on their own CV before the next session.

Session Two - CVs and Preparing for an Interview

As a reward for taking the time to write their own CV and opening themselves to public feedback, we offer to professionally review and edit the CVs which have been submitted. During this session we take the opportunity to discuss CV feedback and students will also be asked to identify what makes a good CV. During the second half of this session, students will learn about the various types of interview, including; face to face, competency based, panel and psychometric testing. We will also discuss how to overcome interview nerves and how to help ensure interview success such as researching the company, first impressions and how to be concise when answering questions.

In preparation for session three, a few volunteers will be asked to provide a CV and job description to prepare for a mock interview. The rest of the group will be asked to provide feedback and identify what goes well and where improvements can be made.

Session Three – The Interview

The majority of this session will be spent watching and commenting on the mock interviews. We will discuss what makes a successful interview and students will be asked to identify what went well, what could have gone better and whether they think the candidate should get the job!

Tailoring the Programme

This is a bespoke programme as we appreciate the needs of students may differ from one school to the next. As previously mentioned, the programme can be adapted to cater for both large and small groups of students. If the students have access to a laptop or PC, this can also be incorporated into the sessions.

The programme can be expanded to provide for any additional services not previously mentioned or to expand on areas covered in the core programme. For example we can provide more time for students to construct their own CVs during the session which, with our help will then provide every student with their own CV which has been reviewed and edited by a professional recruitment firm. As an additional service we can also provide more video content to demonstrate both ‘successful’ and ‘poor’ interviews to help bring this discussion to life. We’re also able to film students who wish to participate in mock interviews to help demonstrate where their interview went well and areas for improvement.

Contact IAC Today

If you’re a Head of Sixth Form, Head teacher or Careers Advisor and you believe your students could benefit from our programme, please contact our IAC Education Manager, Clare Holson who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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