2020 IAC Promotions

2020-01-23T19:43:05+00:00January 23rd, 2020|

IAC has got off to a very strong start with 4 team member promotions…

Firstly, we have two new Managers;

Sheena Dattani, who joined us in 2016, has consistently demonstrated total commitment and resilience in a challenging market.  She has not only grown her own consistent desk but has built out our external audit market through rigorous and consistent business development and mentoring and training two new team members. She has also led the company’s CSR effort with real passion. Sheena leads by example with her work ethic, drive and positive attitude, she is a true team player whose energy and motivation is felt when she is around and missed when she is not.

Julia White, who also joined us in 2016 as a junior consultant is now competing as top biller, a team-leading driver of BD and a great team mentor. When she’s not  standing solo in front of some of the most senior people in the industry at our seminars and more importantly at our Women in Audit events, Jules oozes passion for Internal Audit, IAC, and the team around her and brings outstanding levels of energy to everything she does, and for all those around her.

And secondly, we have two new Directors;

David Crook joined the team in 2014 and has been 100% committed from day 1. He has played a crucial part in turning us into the established business we are today and will now be the driving force for his own division. DC is constantly looking to achieve, to learn, to grow and to help others. He has an open mind, a phenomenal work ethic and is an unfailingly positive presence at all times.

Daniel Milson. DM joined us in 2016 and made the extremely courageous move to shift out of a market that he excelled at for nearly twenty years, and into IT Audit. IT Audit was not a world he knew, but he is now the leading expert in his field. He too has been 100% committed to IAC from day 1 onwards. DM has been working on plans for our growth and will be leading new growth areas in 2020 and beyond. DM is also immensely loyal, funny and utterly committed to the IAC team – we are very lucky to have him.

A BIG thank you to each of you and Congratulations everyone!