Don’t use recruiters

2020-03-01T12:05:21+00:00March 1st, 2020|

Andrew Denham, Consultant 

Don’t use recruiters

Why would you use a recruiter? You can find all the jobs they have online, right? What do they actually do besides annoy you? I’ve heard that all they do is cold call you, think about themselves and send your CV to clients without your prior approval.

Is that always the case though?

At IAC we pride ourselves on our values; Professionalism, Honesty, Trust, Expertise, Integrity, Innovation and Teamwork. With these values at the forefront of what we do, we are able to separate ourselves from the normal stereotypes of recruitment and move to a point that when candidates speak to us, they want to work with us.

While you might be able to find the same job online (although we have access to many roles that are not on the open market), we have direct relationships with hiring managers and senior leadership within these companies, so you know your CV is going to the right person and we are actively supporting your application. These relationships run deep because, owing to our very low staff turnover, hiring managers have always dealt with the same IAC recruiters.

Alongside this we will provide you with CV tailoring, personalised interview preparation and support whenever you need it, giving you the best possible chance to secure the role you want. We will also provide objective advice and support offering honest consultancy on what is possible, what the options are and where your career could go.

Once you’ve secured a job offer, we will get you the deal you deserve. Being experienced negotiators, we will seamlessly manage the process as well as ensuring your transition to your new role is smooth and easy. But it doesn’t end there, we love to hear how you are getting on in your new role and keep in touch as your career progresses. We are here to talk and help at all stages and take our responsibility to your job search extremely seriously. We aim to make it an efficient, fun and stress-free process for you!

So, maybe rather than “don’t use recruiters” it should be “don’t use any recruiter”. Choose the right one, choose IAC!