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BBC reports own websites hit by cyber attack

By CNBC | 5th January 2016

BBC reports own websites hit by cyber attack

A timely new year reminder that Cyber Security and broader IT risks will only increase in importance thoughout 2016.

This article was published by www.cnbc.com

The BBC's online services, including its news website and iPlayer catch-up TV platform, were taken down on Thursday by a large web attack, the British broadcaster reported.

The BBC's sites, which rank only behind Google and Facebook in visitor numbers in Britain, according to Internet analytics firm comScore, were hit from 7 am London time, with many users receiving an error message rather than content.

The broadcaster itself reported it had been hit by a "distributed denial of service (DDoS)" attack, citing sources within the organization.

DDoS attackers typically target sites by flooding servers with messages from multiple systems so they are unable to respond to legitimate traffic.

The BBC press office said it would not confirm or deny it had been hit by an attack.

"We're aware of a technical issue affecting the BBC website and we are working to fix this now," the BBC press office said.

It said at by mid-day Thursday in London, its sites were back up and operating normally.