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The Ranieri Effect - Lessons In Dynamic Leadership | IAC Recruit

By The Results Centre | 4th April 2016

The Ranieri Effect - Lessons In Dynamic Leadership | IAC Recruit

This article is an interesting case study on how Claudio Ranieri’s leadership skills have created an environment that has allowed his team to thrive. 

This article was published by theresultscentre.com

When Claudio Ranieri became Leicester City Manager in the summer of 2015 most so-called experts, as well as fans, expressed their amazement. Many pundits said it was a crazy appointment and that the Leicester city team were now favourites for relegation from the Premiership even before a ball had been kicked! #lcfc

At present Leicester City are; top of the Premiership, have been defeated less times than any other side in the Premiership, only Manchester City have scored more goals, have a record breaking striker in Jamie Vardy, and, have not had a player sent off this season.

So forget about just reading about theories on Leadership start applying the Ranieri dynamic leadership effect!

Leaders demand performance yet allow mistakes to happen

When Riyad Mahrez recently missed a penalty that could have secured a win for the team, Claudio didn’t make a bid deal of it in an after match interview, but instead inspired him to learn from the experience and improve.

Leaders consider the past and present to shape the future

When Ranieri took over in the summer Leicester had survived the Premiership by having one of the most amazing winning runs. He didn’t change the status quo of the team by bringing in new personnel – the back room staff remained the same. He didn’t go out and bring in big named stars – he looked for new talent not yet tested. He simply kept the past underlying philosophy and built on the previous achievements with his ownfuture strategy.

Leaders are great listeners and readily accept suggestions from their followers

Great leaders listen to everyone who can affect the success of their teams and ultimately themselves! Asked at a recent press conference regarding what his aim was for the rest of the season, since the first one set had been achieved, he replied; “I will ask my team. They will decide what they can achieve and I will listen to what they tell me”

Whilst I’m sure he has the final say he ensures that the Team’s input was considered. This will ensure the Team stand behind the final decision; as they know their input was wholeheartedly considered and has been integrated into the strategy.

Leaders are great motivators

Ranieri promised to take the Team out for a pizza (he was paying) when they reached their first goal. On achieving their objective not only did he take them for a pizza – the reward he had promised – but he also seized the opportunity to use it as a great teambuilding event and created a competitive flavour to the day. The day consisted of not just eating, but also a pizza making session, with prizes for the best looking, best tasting, etc.

Personal development is constant

Leaders never give up on learning. They become experts in their own field but are also experts in knowing their own strengths and weaknesses.

Ranieri is loved by the press with his quirky replies and stories. But this hasn’t always been the case. He has worked on his own “leadership brand”, what he wants to stand for, and what his leadership legacy will be. He has managed some of the highest profile teams in Europe over the years but still insists that he is learning daily.

Leaders create a team ethos

As individuals the Players are not on their own the most skilful or talented. Opportunities have been created for them to grow, learn and improve by allowing them to thrive in the Team. No individual is more important than the Team and it has been the Team ethos that Ranieri has created that has put the Team at the top. The togetherness and how they all work for and with each other is cited by him at every press conference.

Whatever happens by the end of the season, whether Leicester City remain in the top four or win the Premiership this year – the Ranieri leadership lessons are there for all to see.